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1980- 1984 Master in Arts, Sint-Lukas Brussels

Teacher drawing and project, RHoK academy for Fine Arts,  Brussels


Video, academie Anderlecht, Brussels, 1990

Project «Dusk» Athene en Volos, Greece, 2004

Paintings and maquettes, galerij RHoK, Brussels, 2005

Collages and paintings,  «De Brakke Hond», 2005

«Identity» paintings en maquettes, molens van Orshoven, Leuven,  2006

«Polyeder», installation in situ, triënnale voor hedendaagse kunst, Landen, Belgium, 2006

Paintings, VGC, Brussel, 2009

In Situ , tour royal, Overijse, 2017

Cartedevisite, Brussels, 8-10 februari 2019

The deal, 15-27 februari 2019, Brussels 

Young Collectors , June 2020, Hasselt (cancelled)

Cartedevisite, 2021, Brussels

'Belgicart', Bozar, Brussels  2 juli-5 september 2021

 Palimpsest#3, Gallery Dessers,  Hasselt, 2022


'Refuge', 2019, drawings and paintings, FMA Brussels

'Garden', 2020, paintings,  Brussels

'Perpetuum mobile', 2022, drawings and paintings, FMA, Brussels

'Kairos and Chronos', 13th April-7th May 2023, Green Door Gallery, Brussels



Frans Masereel centrum, Kasterlee, Belgium (2X)

Cultural residency, Bratislava, Slovakia

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